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March 11, 2013


The Sinister Underpinnings Of The Climate Change Movement

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Green Greed Green Corruption Blog 
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  1. Mar 12 2013

    The link between enslavement and the dumbing down of American youth is well illustrated by the responses of youth when similar information was posted on Personal Liberty Digest:

    In fact, Fred Hoyle himself made certain we would know that the standard solar model of H-filled stars was nonsense – if we take the time to study his autobiography we know:

    The Sun is not fueled by hydrogen, and cars are not fueled by CO2.

    1. Cars generate and discard CO2 via tail pipes
    2. Stars generate and discard H via the solar wind

    On page 153-154 of his 1994 autobiography, Sir Fred Hoyle [1] himself admits that:

    i.) He, Sir Eddington, and their circle of astronomy – astrophysics friends all believed the interior of the Sun was mostly iron before 1946.

    ii.) The model of H-filled stars was adopted without discussion of debate in 1946.

    If anyone wants to believe unscientific, nonsense – that is their decision. But mental laziness will lead them to servitude, as it already has for the bulk of America’s youth.

    Those who are too lazy to look up and read Fred Hoyle’s autobiography on their own can read direct quotes from Hoyle’s autobiography on my web site:

    In “Home Is Where the Wind Blows,” Sir Fred Hoyle refers to his meeting with Sir Arthur Eddington one spring day in 1940:

    A. “We both believed that the Sun was made mostly of iron, two parts iron to one part of hydrogen, more or less. The spectrum of sunlight, chock-a-block with lines of iron, had made this belief seem natural to astronomers for more than fifty years.” . . . (page 153)

    B. “The high-iron solution continued to reign supreme in the interim (at any rate, in the astronomical circles to which I was privy) until after the Second World War,” . . .

    C. “when I was able to show, to my surprise, that the high-hydrogen, low iron solution was to be preferred for the interiors as well as for the atmospheres.” (page 153-154)

    D. “My paper on the matter confounded a doctrine of (Raymond) Lyttleton, who used to say there are three stages in the acceptance by the world of a new idea.

    _ 1. The idea is nonsense.
    _ 2. Somebody thought of it before you did.
    _ 3. We believed it all the time.

    This matter of the high-hydrogen solution was the only occasion, in my experience, when the first and second of these stages were missing.“ (page 154).

    Liberty is not for the mentally lazy.


    [1] Fred Hoyle, Home Is Where the Wind Blows, (University Science Books, 441 pages, 1994) pp. 153-154

  2. Mar 11 2013

    You are right.

    The sinister underpinnings of the climate change movement includes an abrupt change in consensus dogma on the chemical composition of Earth’s heat source – the Sun – adopted unanimously without discussion or debate in 1946.

    1. The Sun was mostly iron until Aug 1945.
    2. Hiroshima was vaporized on 6 Aug 1945.
    3. Nagasaki was destroyed on 9 Aug 1945.
    4. The UN was established on 24 Oct 1945.
    5. The composition of the Sun’s interior was abruptly changed from iron (Fe) to hydrogen (H) and adopted unanimously, without debate or discussion in 1946:

    The best available post-1946 experimental data and observations from the nuclear and space ages show an iron-rich solar interior [1] surrounds the Sun’s pulsar core, a pulsar fountain of energy [2-4] – the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms, worlds and lives in the Solar System:

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


    1. Carl A. Rouse, “Evidence for a small, high-Z, iron-like solar core”, Solar Physics 110, 211-235 (1987):

    2. Oliver K. Manuel, “Neutron Repulsion,” The APEIRON Journal 19, 123-150 (2012):

    3. J. J. Jenkins, et al., “Additional experimental evidence for a solar influence on nuclear decay rates,” Astroparticle Physics 37, 81–88 (2012):

    4. Oliver K. Manuel and Alberto Boretti, “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012):


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