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March 4, 2013

Is The Media On Obama’s Payroll???

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
A lot of people believe that the reason the media is so in love with Obama is because they are a bunch of partisan hacks. But what if the media was on Obama’s payroll? In some ways this would make a lot more sense if this was the real reason behind the media’s love affair with Obama. It would explain so many things about why the normally truth to power media is turning a blind eye to the too numerous to mention Obama shenanigans and scuzzy goings on in the White house.  

  • In Bed With Wall Street Banksters In 2009, Obama said it was the “height of irresponsibility” and “shameful” for “executives at major financial firms who turned to the American people, hat in hand, when they were in trouble, even as they paid themselves their customary lavish bonuses.” And added: “For top executives to award themselves these kinds of compensation packages in the midst of this economic crisis isn’t just bad taste—it’s bad strategy—and I will not tolerate it as President.” Yet, Lew, during a short stint at Citi received an “obscene” bonus of $950,000—after we, the taxpayers, bailed out Citi to the tune of $476.2 billion.” So given President Obama’s disdain for “shameful” executives in at “major financial firms” you would think Jack Lew would be the last guy President Obama would want to head up the Treasury Department? Just goes to show you want President Obama says and what he does are often two different things.

  •  The Fiscal Cliff Fiasco
    “In fact, the president and Democrats are engaging in a cynical game of deception and fear, trying to frighten the American public and seniors especially into believing that unless Obama gets his way on the debt ceiling, the government will default on its obligations and Social Securityrecipients won\’t receive their monthly checks. They know that can only happen if President Obama chooses to honor commitments for new spending over existing obligations and debt, including to Social Security recipients.”


  • Obama opposed the sequester. Lie Obama swore to veto attempts to repeal the sequester his party stuck into the Budget Control Act. Democrats bet that in the sequester game of chicken, Republicans would flinch, because they wouldnt be able to stomach defense cuts.  Democrats bet wrong.

    “Anyone else creeped out by the total media blackout on Brennan\’s “controversial”– to say the least– possible intention to start offing Americans with drones?”


    “America’s policy of nuclear deterrence is being seriously threatened as President Obama considers proposals by the Defense Department that could cut the US nuclear arsenal by as much as 80 percent, reducing America’s deployed nuclear strategic warheads to as few as 300″

    • We can add 6 Trillion to the National debt and the media won’t say a thing.


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