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February 27, 2013

The Leftists Morlocks and Their Idiot Followers, the Eloi

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The Time Machine is a brilliant allegory of the basic nature of leftists (the Morlocks)  and their useful idiot followers (the Eloi) in today’s world.  In the world of the Time Machine there are two races of humans, the Morlocks and the Eloi. The Morlocks feed off of docile Eloi who depend on the Morlocks for everything. The Eloi are lazy and stupid and have lost their initiative to do anything for themselves. Free love, Rock and Roll and Drugs are all they care about.  Morlocks have lost their humanity and do not value human life.  The Morlocks live in the dark and have evolved into night creatures who shun the light of day. All they care about is keeping the docil Eloi under their absolute control so they can feed off of them. Eloi live care free lives not knowing or caring where they get their sustenance from. They have lost the ablility to think for themselves and when they hear the siren of the Morlock the Eloi freeze in their tracks as their loved ones are snatched by the Morlocks to be fed upon.  The Morlocks have devolved into cannibals who feed off the flesh of the Eloi who soly exist at the pleasure of their Masters the Morlocks.

The traits of the leftists that make them similar in nature to the Morlocks are very chilling:
*** Anti Western Industrial Civilization.

If the Eloi found out their lives could be a lot better if they had access to modern Western Civilization conveniences like cheap power so they could live like the Kings of olden times. If they knew this to be so it would not be good if you want to be the King of the World like the Morlocks (leftists) do.
*** Anti Capitalism

If the Eloi found out their labor could povide them with the power to provide for their own welfare based on the value others freely decided their services or products were worth to them. If they knew this to be so than the Morlocks (leftists) would no longer be needed.
*** Centralized Top Down Cold Hand Of Government.

If the Eloi found out that the King has no cloths and the Morlocks (leftists) decisions on what to do with the wealth of the Eloi mainly benefited the Morlocks (leftists) not the Eloi, than the whole structure of  Morlock (leftists) centralized government would fall apart.
*** Redistribution of  Wealth.

If the Eloi found out that the main beneficiaries of wealth was not the Eloi the biggest chuck went into the pocket of the Morlocks (leftists) than the Eloi would not be as anxious to give up thier lives when the siren of the Morlocks (leftists) called them to bow down in obedience and be eaten.
*** Anti Traditional (Anything Goes) Family Values.

If the Eloi found out that the real motivation of the free love society the Morlocks (leftists) are promoting is to break down the strong family ties between Mother, Father and Children so the Eloi allegiance will be to the Morlocks (leftists) not their family. If they knew this to be so than the Eloi might think twice about letting the basic family unit go by the way side in the name of love is all there is.

*** The Green Back To Nature or Climate Change Movement.

If the Eloi found out that the Climate Change movement was really an misongynist  movement designed to block people from access to cheap and abundant fossil fuel energy. Cheap Energy that would make their live better and provide them with good jobs so they could support themselves without the help of the Morlocks (leftists). If they knew this, maybe they would not be so apt to believe the Morlocks (leftists) sky is falling scare tactics of if we don’t stop using cheap and abundant fossil fuel the world will come to an end.
*** Gun Control.

If the Eloi found out that the real reason behind the Morlocks effort to ban guns was to stop the Eloi form having the ability to revolt and throw over the evil Morlocks who were feeding off of them than maybe they would not be on the gun control ban wagon.
All of the above are designed by the leftist aka Morlocks to keep the lazy and stupid Eloi under their control. Why? For money and power that’s why. The only hope is enough people decide that a free lunch is not worth giving up your life for the benefit of the leftists (Morlocks) so they can jet around on your dime playing golf 200 times a year.

In Conclusion, most of the “Eloi” followers of the leftists Morlocks are far from “stupid and lazy”.  The so called “Eloi” sincerely believe that the leftists “Morlocks” have their best interests at heart. However, it is sad but true that most of the leftist policies are counterproductive to the well being of the average person. Denying the people of the U.S. access to abundant and cheap fossil fuel is a prime example of this.  Leftists use fear and guilt plus a good dose of lies to sell their misogynists policies to the unwary public.

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