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February 7, 2013

Still In Love With President Obama On The Path To Ruin

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Theres something about President Obama that makes people love him no matter how destructive to their personal welfare his policies are. 66 million people voted for him in the 2012 Presidential Election. The Republican Party was stunned. How could anyone in their right mind vote for this man. A man who says with a straight face I care for you while implementing policies that shows he does not care a wit about the welfare of the American people. Policies like:
President Obama’s CAFE standards are more deadly than guns. They will result in thousands of more people being killed on Americas highways due to the chintzy cars his CAFE standards imposes.  
The deficit under President Obama has grown to unsustainable levels. However, instead of making it a top priority to bring under control President Obama calls for even more spending and higher taxes. Higher taxes that will further slow down an already anemic economy that is throwing more people out of work and into the  government bread lines.
Unemployment is at all time levels. The bulk of President Obama’s Jobs Stimulus Plan went to his union and crony green capitalist friends. Despite the failure of his Stimulus Plan to create jobs, President Obama rails against the Republicans for standing in the way of more Stimulus money. Money we don’t have and would have to borrow from China or raise even more taxes that would further deaden an economy already on life support. 

What a joke but no one seems to care. They just keep blindly following him despite all of his broken promises.  They keep following his lead on Climate Change despite the fact it is becoming more and more apparent that CO2 has little if any thing to do with Climate Change . Without CO2 Earth would be like the moon, barren and void of life. The people who dare to point this out are maligned as “deniers”  and scoffed at. Even the founder of the Gaia movement, James Lovelock,  has come to his senses and made a U-Turn on his Alarmist Climate Change beliefs.  But instead of listening to the risingchorus of scientists seeing the light that CO2 is not the culprit it is made out to be, President Obama continues down the path of denying affordable power to the people he claims to care about, the poor and the middle class. 
The Republican Party are in retreat. How do they break up the love affair the American people have with President Obama? If they point out his obvious failures and the impact of his destructive policies on America and her people the Republicans fear they will be marginalized even further. So they try and stop some of President Obama’s most destructive policy initiatives like deficit spending but in the end wave the white flag of defeat.  
So in the end if America goes to ruin President Obama was only the catalyst that led the way to America’s downfall. A downfall populated by people conned into believing President Obama’s destructive policies is the path into a promise land full of free milk and honey.  All they have to do in return is blindly follow his lead on the path to ruin. The only hope for America is if President Obama’s most ardent followers wake up and smell the scent of rot in the air before it is too late. 

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