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February 5, 2013


by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Well obviously we must **BAN EVERYTHING** that we think is bad for people:
Fatty, sugary foods and eating too much plus sitting on your behind. Compulsory exercise mandated by Obamacare is the ticket. 
Oil, Coal and Natural Gas. Think of all that dangerous CO2. So what if there is nothing that can replace them. If the lights go out like they did Super Bowl Sunday who cares. People just need to live more frugal lives. So what if poor people are denied affordable energy. There’s too many of them anyway. We just need to continue to scare people into believing CO2 emissions from Oil, Coal And Natural Gas are causing Catastrophic Climate Change so we can keep the gravy train of government grants and green energy subsidies rolling in. So what if the billions spent on this scam could be better spent elsewhere or help cut the deficit. 
Smoking goes without saying. After all big government gets a lot of tax dollars from those disgusting smokers. So what if most of them are poor people.
Having children. The world has too many people already. 
Gas guzzling SUVs and big trucks.With the new CAFE standards automobile makers will be forced to make smaller and lighter cars that do not provide passengers a lot of protection in a collision. So what if more people get killed by collisions on the highway than by guns
Guns So what if all the gun laws we propose would not have stopped even one of those crazy people from murdering anyone. Our intentions to stop gun violence is what counts. But when it comes to banning gratuitous violence in movies and video games thats a no no. After all the entertainment industry are among our biggest supporters. 
Prayer in schools and the manger scene at Christmas. Praying in school is just so offensive. It would be just horrendous for our children to become tainted by the faith of our Christian heritage. We’d rather teach them tolerance of Islam. 
Winners and Losers. Everyone must be a winner. It’s just not fair that some people are harder workers or more talented than others. The losers feelings would be hurt if they had to face the fact they didn’t do the work or have the talent to excel in sports or academics. 
Politically Incorrect Speech Must not say anything that is offensive to women, gays, Muslims and minorities. But if you are a white guy or an artist that puts a figurine in a jar of Urine, you are just being real or on the cutting edge. 
A strong military. The money is wasted on a strong military and is better spent on more entitlement programs. The threats in the world from Iran, Russia, North Korea and China, (who are increasing their military and developing nuclear weapons) can better be met by diplomacy. Appeasement is the way to go. 
IMAGINE what the world would be like to live in if the above vision of a leftist Utopia becomes reality:
Steaks and ice cream would be a distant memory. People would be forced to eat vegetarian food. It would be against the law to eat meat. A black market of  Dog and Cat meat would flourish where they would be bred and slaughtered for meat under horrific conditions.  
Our National forests all gone. Cut down for bio fuel and replaced by a forest of giant Wind Turbines that lay abandoned in a mass junk yard
of rusting metal as far as the eye can see. Thousands of black solar panels blot the once bountiful fertile farm land. 
Alas, the promises made by the Eco leftists to replace the affordable and reliable power provided by fossil fuel are broken. As more wind turbines topple to the ground in disrepair only a small fraction of the power once produced by oil, coal and Natural Gas is available. People  are forced to live in small cramped cubicles with no heating or lights. 
To deaden the misery of the hopeless and miserable existence of people in the left’s vision of Utopia, the government provides people with free pot. Pot smoke hovers in the air over of the filthy tenements that dominate the cityscapes of the once great cities of America. Cigarets are forbidden of course. They cause cancer.
Only an occasional car can be seen cruising on the network of  freeways that interconnect the cities and towns of America.  Only the rich and powerful can afford to buy them.  Everyone else has to walk, ride a bicycle or take a bus or train to work. 
 The guns have all been confiscated. So now only criminals have guns. The windows of people’s homes all have bars on them. The rich live in fortresses protected by armies of armed guards. No one goes out after dark anymore. 
 Public Christian prayer is against the law. God forbid if it was offensive to the growing Muslim population who immigrated here after President Obama’s new immigration law passed. After the law was passed, millions of Muslims immigrated here to escape the turmoil engendered by the violent uprisings of the Arab Spring, Minarets  dot the neighborhoods of every city. Faithful Muslims drop to their hands and knees facing Mecca as the call to prayer is sung. 
 NFL Football is a thing of the past. Winners and Losers are just so unfair. Plus the violence in professional football is just too awful. Besides with football out of the picture, people will turn more and more to violent video games and movies for their entertainment. Reality games with law breakers are also becoming the rage. The ones with the people caught illegally eating meat are especially entertaining.
 It is against the law now to say anything offensive to a person of color, women, gays and Muslims. An exception to this law has been made for hate speech against white males and the Christian religion though. Everyone hates white males and Christians. They oppressed people for centuries so you can’t blame people for venting a little. It’s the fair thing to do.
With a weak military no longer able to defend the U.S. from invasion, China has invaded the U.S. and confiscated all of our natural resources to pay off the debt we owe them.  The vast natural resources of coal, oil and natural gas are being harvested by China for use by the people of China. Resources that the Eco movement on the left blocked from being used by the people of America. 

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