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February 3, 2013

The Subliminal Racism Within The Democratic Party

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

The Democratic Party’s dirty little secret is their Party was founded by racists. Former racists like deceased Senator Robert Byrd who as an X member of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1948 “The powerful Senate Democrat vowed then that he would “never submit to fight beneath that banner (the American flag) with a ***** by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” “ Senator Robert Byrd and Al Gore’s father, Albert Gore Sr. along with 80% of the Democrat Senators in the Senate voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Bill.

Now with the election of President Obama, the Democratic Party has completely wiped out the putrid odor of their racist past. Or has it? After all, the first black President of the United States is a Democrat so it is assumed that his policies will always be in the best interests of minorities and the poor. But are they?

Under President Obama’s leadership unemployment rates among Black people and Latinos are among the highest. The January 2013 Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports unemployment among blacks (13.8) and Latinos (9.7%) whites (7.0%). Instead of owning up to the failure of President Obama’s policies to improve the job picture among blacks and Latinos, Democrats still blame President Bush for the poor economy. After all they say, the Blacks and Latinos overwhelmingly voted for President Obama so they must think he is doing a pretty good job. The message being, I guess, Blacks and Latinos interests for good jobs and a better life can be tossed aside so more important priorities can be pursued. Priorities like the War On Climate Change.

Lets take a closer look at President Obama’s War On Climate Change and how this policy is detrimental to the lives of minorities and the poor. President Obama stated during his 2008 campaign that his Climate Change policies will make “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” and shut down Coal mines destroying thousands of jobs. The media refuses to confront President Obama on the detrimental impact these policies will have on the poor and minorities. Many people believe that Al Gore, the de facto leader of the climate change movement, has more influence over Climate Change policy as an outsider than if he had been appointed in an official post by President Obama. In any case, it seems pretty ironic that a lot of “Old White Men” seem to be influencing President Obama’s in many of his policy initiatives, including Climate Change. Obama's White Male Cabinet image

Moreover, the Sierra Club and other Environmental organizations are dominated by white people. Many of them are very rich. They rallied above in opposition to the XL Keystone Pipeline in front of the White House so it will be very telling who wins over President Obama’s support; the white’s in the Climate Change movement or Black People and Latinos seeking good jobs.

In the not to distant past human society was divided into two classes; Royalty and Peasants.  The availability of cheap power, Coal and Oil was one of the major factors that transformed this two class society that dominated human civilization for thousands of years into the industrial  civilization we live in today. An industrial society that allows even the poorest among us to have a standard of living that rivals those of the Kings of a past era. An era that the 1% white elites in the Climate Change movement seem determined to revive. They do this by pursuing  their lofty goal  of “saving the planet” by doing every thing in their power to deny 99% of the people affordable power. Their goal it seems is to create a green utopia that only the elite whites in the 1% can afford to live in. Black people and Latinos need not apply.



They shout down and demonize anyone who does not support their cause. The fact the empirical data shows that all the climate change models are wrong is denied. Recent observations that show the  earth may be cooling, not warming as the models predicted is spun as part of their climate change hypothesis. (LOL)  But even if the empirical data coincided with the models, is it worth the trillions spent to “stop” Climate Change? Even Climate Change most ardent supporters have to admit that the efforts to stop it are not and will not work. So one is left to wonder, what is the point? Money, power or maybe even a little subliminal racism within the mainly white ranks of the Climate Change Movement perhaps?

Lets go back to our fictional world where President Obama is being interviewed by a Fox News reporter about the impact of his Climate Change Policies on the poor and minorities.

Below is the second fictional Gotcha Questions interview between a Fox News Reporter and President Obama.

Fox News Reporter:

President Obama, Black people and Latinos have among the highest rates of Unemployment under your watch. Given this poor jobs track record, it should be obvious now that your Jobs Stimulus Plan has not worked very well. Yet you are calling for more spending and regulations. Regulation that are crushing U.S. industries and destroying jobs. U.S. Industries like Oil, Coal and Natural Gas. So given this bad track record of high unemployment among Black people and Latinos and more people on food stamps, are you going to ease up on any of your Climate Change policies that are destroying jobs in the Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Industries and causing electricity rates to “skyrocket”?

President Obama:

Climate Change is one of the biggest threats to the planet. Just look at Hurricane Sandy and all the devastation it caused for your proof about the devastating impact of Climate Change. I talked to Al Gore the other day, a leader in the War On Climate Change, and he thanked me for making the War On Climate Change a top priority. He applauded my efforts to crucify the Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Industries in the US. Just look at all the bad weather last year and tell me that we should do nothing to stop all this devastation that has killed so many people. If we can save just one person, it will be worth the trillions we spend to save the earth from Climate Change.

Fox News Reporter,

President Obama, the real world data shows that weather in the past was worse than today. Plus, the UK Met Office just reported the globe has not warmed for 16 years. Even if your theory about Catastrophic Man made Climate Change is true, will spending trillions of dollars on the war on Climate Change do more harm than good? Also, why do you want to “crucify” U.S. Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Industries when the U.S. is buying billions of dollars of Oil from Saudi Arabia? A “U.S. Energy Information Administration economic forecasting model indicates that a proposed 70% cut in CO2 emissions will cause gasoline prices to rise 77% over baseline projections, kill more than 3 million jobs, and reduce average household income by more than $4,000 each year.” A 77% rise in gasoline prices will hurt poor Black people and Latinos the most. Since they are amongst your most ardent supporters do you not care that your Climate change policies are making their lives a lot more difficult?

President Obama:

My Green technology firms are the way to go. In point of fact the overwhelming consensus among scientists is the planet is being destroyed by Green House gases. Oil, Coal, and to a lesser extent Natural Gas are the primary culprits. Let me be clear fossil fuel co2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change. My mission is to reduce these polluting CO2  

emissions to save the planet from their destructive impact. In order to do this electricity costs must “sky rocket” so people will be forced to buy Green Energy like Wind, Solar and Biofuel.

Fox News Reporter:

Let me get this straight. You admit your policies will cause energy costs to”sky rocket” and will kill good high paying jobs in the U.S. Oil, Coal and Natural Gas industries. Jobs that would give Black people and Latinos the opportunity to get a good high paying job. But according to you your highest priority is to “save the planet” by reducing our “carbon foot print” . You also claim that your Green energy policy initiatives will create jobs, replace fossil fuel and reduce our carbon foot print. The record shows that despite all the efforts in Europe to reduce CO2 emissions Global emissions in 2011 reached record highs.  However, U.S. CO2 emissions fell thanks to Natural Gas which you appear to be against. Wind, Solar and Power are only providing 7% of our power. Even Germany is giving up on Green Power, a pioneer in Green Energy. Plus a lot Green Energy firms you supported with tax payer dollars have gone bankrupt and laid off thousand of people or the jobs have gone to China.

President Obama:

I am greatly insulted if you believe my Climate Change policies are destroying jobs and hurting Black people and Latinos. I am the first black President after all. Everyone knows I would never do anything to hurt minorities, my most loyal followers. My dream is to save the planet from Climate Change. My policies will do that. I will stop the ocean from risingthe rise in temperatures and catastrophic storms. Just wait and see. Any one who does not believe in Man Made Climate Change belongs back in the Stone Age. Fox News is just another right wing Bible clinging throw back who refuses to look at the science. I bet you even believe in Creationism. Your not worth my time to talk to. If you don’t have any other questions, I need to get to another interview with 60 minutes. Steve Kroft will be interviewing me again and I know I can count on him to spread the good news about all the fabulous things I am doing to transform America into a better environment for all living things.

Fox News Reporter:

Thank you for your time Mr. President.

The above was the second article in a series of fictional interviews between Fox News and President Obama

The policies the Democratic Party are pursuing under the leader ship of President Obama may not be on the surface racist. However, their impact on minorities may be just as harmful as the racist polices of the past the Democratic Party promoted. Policies that condemned minorities to a sub standard life of hopelessness with no opportunities to improve their lives At least in the past the racism of the Democratic Party was out in the open and could be fought. People rose up to renounce it and despite the fact 80% of the Democratic Senators and Congressman voted against the 1964 Civi Rights Act, with Republican support the Act got passed anyway.

In conclusion, the leaders of the Democratic Party pursue their mission to stop Climate Change with little if any introspection of what harm they are doing to poor people and minorities. Their flowery rhetoric of being the champion of the poor and oppressed have made them immune from scrutiny and criticism. Their cheer leaders in the media blindly follow their lead deriding anyone who dares question these policies. The play book played out in the media is the Democrats are the ones wearing the white hats of the hero the other side have on the black hat of the villain and must be defeated at all costs. That’s the play book that the Democrats have gotten away with playing for 50 years now A play book that has completely obscuring their racists past. The facts are clear however, The Climate Change Policies of the Democratic Party are harming poor people and minorities. Policies that have the taint of subliminal racism. Subliminal racism that cannot be fought until minorities awaken to the hard truth that the Democratic Party is not on their side. They never have been.

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