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January 30, 2013

Why Won’t President Obama Go On Fox News?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower


Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes recently admitted he in effect abdicated his role as a journalist when it comes to interviewing and reporting on President Obama. His interview of President Obama and Secretary Clinton on January 27, 2013 was little more than a love fest between a super star and his adoring fans, the media. It was disgusting. The public found out nothing of substance about how President Obama’s policies and actions are impacting their lives. Steve Kroft refused to ask President Obama any gotcha questions. Gotcha questions the media routinely asked President Bush. Is that why President Obama refuses to go on Fox News? Is it because he knows that if he went on Fox News he would be asked some gotcha questions about his record? A record he cannot defend if challenged and he knows it. If President Obama had gone on Fox News the interview may have been a lot different. Maybe something like this:

Fictional Interview By Fox News With President Obama:



Fox News Reporter:

Mr. President, The deficit has grown to 16 trillion dollars under your leadership. Economists say getting the deficit under control is one of the most pressing domestic issue of our time. If not brought under control the US will in effect, go bankrupt which will bring devastation to the lives of everyone in the U.S. Especially the poor. Your major effort to bring the deficit under control so far is to increase the taxes of the 1%, the rich. Yet the CBO estimates that Obama’s tax the rich increases will only bring in a measley $42 billion in 2013 and $38 billion in 2014 which which is “peanuts to a government that spends $3.6 trillion a year”. So far your major proposals to reduce spending,the other part of the deficit reduction equation, have had little if any impact on reducing the deficit. I repeat, Spending has grown to an astounding 16 trillion dollars in the four years of your Presidency. Given your deficit reduction plans are not working to well, do you you have any other plans to reduce spending, Mr. President?

President Obama.

The republicans only plan is to bring a hatchet to the budget. I am using a scalpel and going though the budget line by line to see what we can cut so it will not hurt the people most in need who count on the government for their livelihood, the poor, the disabled and the elderly which are my top priorities when it comes to spending. Let me be clear the rich are not paying their fair share . The rich need to pay a little more to help pay for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid .

Fox News:

With all due respect President Obama, I do not see that you have used a scalpel to go over the budget line by line. In point of fact, under you leader ship the number of Federal employees have increased by 143,000. Their annual salaries average $84,000. What cuts have you made in spending, give one specific example please.

President Obama:

Well that is just plain wrong. If you count State and Postal workers the number of government employees have gone down overall.

Also,I made Medicare more sound by reducing spending by 716,000.

Fox News:

But isn’t the overall reduction in State and Postal workers a reflection of the bad economy under your watch and the Postal service going broke? Also the reduction in Medicare spending was not really a reduction in over all spending was it? The cuts in Medicare went back into the Obamacare spending didn’t it? Are their any other cuts you can cite?

President Obama:

Silence Now you know why I don’t go on Fox News. You guys are full of it.

Fox News:

President Obama has just terminated the interview and left the room. If we ever get another interview with President Obama, which I doubt very much, you can count on us to do our jobs as journalists and pursue the questions that the public has a right to know about. An informed public is the only thing standing in the way of tyranny.


The above is pure fiction and may not reflect what President Obama would actually say if challenged by Fox News. However since we know President Obama will never subject himself to any gotcha questions from Fox News and he can count on NBC, CBS,ABC and CNN ever asking him any gotcha questions Power To The People will be starting a new series of articles called:

Gotcha Questions For President Obama the Media (except Fox News) Refuses To Ask. This is the first article in the series.

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