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January 28, 2013


The War Against Climate Change is A War Against The Poor

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

The purpose of this article is to explore the powerful forces behind the War On Climate Change. Forces that claim their advocacy of Climate Change is to save the world from the catastrophes the earth would face if the green house gas, CO2 man made emissions are not brought back to a preindustrial level, say to 1885 levels. But as we can see from the graft image

of US CO2 emissions vs temperatures, since 1895 CO2 have gone up but temperatures have remained pretty flat. So why all the fear mongering?

Many prior articles on the net have documented the various power mongers in government, academia, Hollywood, the environmental movement, Saudi Arabia and Russia who are the main forces behind the War On Climate Change. Their motives are a mosaic of greed, power and an unfounded belief that humans are destroying the planet and to save the earth we must regress back to a pre industrial more bucolic world like the Garden of Eden maybe. Below are some links to prior articles that expose the forces and people behind the Climate Change Movement.

1. Some are just plain greedy

2. Some seek power

3. Some believe humans are pests who need to be controlled by limiting their population.

4. Some are powerful energy competitors of the U.S. like Russia and Saudi Arabia, who have a vested interest in preventing the U.S. from developing our own vast fossil fuel resources.

The only people benefiting from the climate change movement are the rich and powerful in government, academia and in the Green Energy Industry where billions of tax pay dollars have been wasted on failed businesses. The other people behind the movement are on large part misanthropic zealots who have infiltrated themselves into the IPCC and EPA where their bias views of climate change predominate. The people who suffer the most from this matrix of greed, power and zealots in the Climate Change movement are the poor.

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  1. Apr 3 2014

    You are right.

    The war on climate is the result of a 1945 plan to take totalitarian control of humanity to save planet Earth from nuclear annihilation.

    To return the spotlight to sixty-eight years (2014 – 1946 = 68 yrs) of deceit disguised as “settled science,” nine (9) pages of precise experimental data [1] were published three months ago to show, beyond doubt:

    1. Neutrons repel neutrons
    2. Stars make and discard hydrogen
    3. The Sun itself
    _ a.) Made our elements
    _ b.) Birthed the Solar System 5 Ga ago
    _ c.) Sustained life’s origin and evolution on Earth after 3.5 Ga ago
    _ d.) Still controls every atom, life and world in the solar system today.

    1. “A Journey to the core of the Sun,” – Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality

    The next chapter – Chapter 3 (in progress): The Forbidden Forces of Einstein, Planck and Aston – will show why the integrity of constitutional governments and science collapsed together after WWII, just as George Orwell predicted in the book he started writing in 1946:

    “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”


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