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January 25, 2013


Why Does The Left Hate Fossil Fuel?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower


  1. Why does the left hate Fossil Fuels?

The use of Fossil Fuels have provided a standard of living for billions of people once enjoyed only by Kings. DiCaprio jets around the world to save the world from Fossil FuelDaryl Hannah puts her body in front of a Keystone Pipeline pipe to protest its development than gets on a jet for another protest against fossil fuel or maybe goes back to her multi million dollar home in Los Angeles. Barbara Streisand gives millions to anti fossil fuel activists while living a life of luxury in her multi million dollar mansion in Malibu. Their grandiose life style is all due to the money their fans spend to see them perform. So why are they using their celebrity status and money to deny their adoring fans a decent lifestyle made possible by fossil fuel? Why the betrayal? Why the hypocrisy? Their success allows them to live a life of luxury that would not be possible without the power Fossil Fuel provides. If they are successful in their war against Fossil Fuel, their wealth will make them immune from the hard ships their fans will be forced to endure due to the “sky rocketing” costs of fossil fuel.

My conclusion is the Hollywood elite seem prone to an irrational belief that disaster looms over every horizon that can only forestalled by embarking on some heroic quest, Saving the planet from Climate Change for example. While their pursuits are limited to fighting the imaginary threat of Climate Change, thank God for the real world heroes who find real solutions to actual problems, new fracking technology for example. In the mean time the Hollywood misanthropists gladly avail themselves of the benefits of Fossil Fuel while jetting around the world screaming for more virgins to be thrown into volcanoes to appease the vengeful goddess Gaia.

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  1. Oct 8 2013

    The democrats hait fossil fuel because the republican base is closer to the oil company’s than they are
    Anything no matter who it hurts to get at republican base.
    Also the Blue. Cross Blue. Shield branches of insurance is modifying there policeys to the Obama minimum standard tripling the max out of pocket in a given year also decreasing coverage from some tests being currently 90% coverage to 80%. Raising the deductable also the premiums. All to go with the requirements of minimal standards of Obama care. At our company our insurance goes from July to July but retireys once they retire go from Jan. To Jan. They are receiving this information currently. So republicans need to hold they line and democrats are going to sink if this goes thru. Your guest Wan doesn’t know what he’s talking about and hopefully his insurance does this same thing he will not feel the same way
    Thanks. Brian. Humphrey
    Check it out don’t take my word on it hopefully I don’t loose my job keep identy safe thank you


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